IMAPS Nordic



IMAPS Nordic & IEEE EPS Nordic
NordPac 2018 program
VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd
Kaitoväylä 1, 90570 Oulu

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Tuesday June 12th, 2018 – VTT



ROOM: VTT Seminar room


11:00 – 13:30

Short course: Reliability Physics in the Early Design Phase

Natalie Hernandez, DfR Solutions

This short course is available to all conference delegates free of charge if pre-registered!


14:00 – 16:00

Excursion 1 to Printocent

Free excursion to pre-registered participants


Excursion 2 to VTT cleanrooms

Free excursion to pre-registered participants



Welcome cocktail party, Kahvilamakasiini, Oulu down town



VTT is 6 km from Oulu. Please observe there will be a bus from/to conference hotel Scandic Oulu, Saaristonkatu 4, 90100 Oulu on Wednesday and Thursday morning and evening to fit our program.


Wednesday June 13th, 2018



Room: Auditorium


Registration: 8:30-12:00

9:30 – 9:45

Opening speech, Paul Collander, President


9:45 – 10:30

Keynote 1: Mikko Terho, Huawei Technologies OY:

State of the Art Hardware makes difference for consumer experience and product.


10:30 – 10:45

Presentation of exhibitors


Registration: 8:30-12:00

10:45 – 11:30

Coffee & tea break / Exhibition


Session W1A Printed electronics

Session W1B Quality assurance


Room: Auditorium

Room: Seminar room


11:30 – 11:55

Processing of printed silver patterns on an ETFE substrate

Riikka Mikkonen, Matti Mäntysalo

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Contribution to non-destructive inspection of power semiconductor assemblies by stimulating a lateral heatflow

Ulrich Nordmeyer, Michael Schaulin, Martin Oppermann, Thomas Zerna

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


11:55 – 12:20

Towards Electronics Everywhere – Hybrid Integration Case Study

Kari Rönkä

VTT, Finland

Quality assurance of encapsulation architecture, including following washing process for permanently mounted wearable sensors

Heléne Karlsson, Oscar Lidström

Swerea IVF AB, Sweden


12:20 – 13:20

Lunch & Exhibition


Session W2 Reliability

Room: Auditorium


13:20 – 13:45

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Interplay of humidity and electrical functionality causing reliability issues in electronics

Rajan Ambat

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark


13:45 – 14:10

Influence of Voids on the Reliability of Power Module Interconnections

Jussi Putaala1, Juha Hagberg1, Olli Salmela2, Juha Raumanni3, Matti Rahko3, Olli Nousiainen4, Jussi Jääskeläinen3, Tero Kangasvieri3, Timo Galkin5, Heli Jantunen1

1Microelectronics Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland; 2Nokia, Espoo, Finland; 3Nokia, Oulu, Finland; 4Materials and Production Engineering Unit, University of Oulu, Finland; 5Hyxo, Finland


14:10 – 14:35

Overcoming Human Factors by Utilizing Design Modeling to Improve High Reliability Electronics

Natalie Hernandez, Greg Caswell, Craig Hillman

DfR Solutions, United States of America


14:35 – 15:00

Reliability of Conductive Adhesives for IoT

Daniel Nilsen Wright1, Helge Kristiansen2, Jakob Gakkestad3, Olle Hãgel4

1SINTEF Digital, Norway; 2Conpart AS, Skjetten, Norway; 3Forsvarets Forskningsinsitutt, Kjeller, Norway; 4ThinFilm Electronics ASA, Linköping, Sweden


15:00 – 15:40

Coffee & tea break / Exhibition


Session W3A New materials


Session W3B Applications

Seminar room


15:40 – 16:05

Reliability challenges in Cu-Sn 3D micro-connects

Glenn Ross, Vesa Vuorinen and Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel

Aalto University, Finland

Structured metallization on glass: A comparative study of resonance and propagation characteristics at 24GHz.

Dr. Martin Letz,

SCHOTT AG Research and Technology Development


16:05 – 16:30

Retarded Reduction of Silver in Graphene Oxide Composites

Man Song, Jie Zhao, Helena Grennberg, Zhibin Zhang

Uppsala University, Sweden

Improving the performance of advertising LED displays by in-mould integration

Eveliina Juntunen, Vishal Gandhi, Satu Ylimaula, Arttu Huttunen

VTT, Finland


16:30 – 16:55

Glasses and glass ceramics for GHz applications

Dr. Martin Letz,

SCHOTT AG Research and Technology Development


Neurological active implants: challenges and opportunities


Wyss Center for Bio and Neuro-Engineering, Switzerland


16:55 – 17:20

Electrical and Thermal Conduction of Isotropic Conductive Adhesive based on Novel Conductive Particles

Helge Kristiansen1, Susanne Helland2, Erik Kalland3, Mohamad Abo Ras4, Corinna Grosse5

1Conpart AS, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway; 2, 3Mosaic Solution AS; 4, 5Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH;

Plastic QFN-packaging for Space Application

Ignas van Dommelen1, Barbara Bonnet2, Marc Feron3, Vladimir Cherman4, Daniel Aguinaga5, Mario Gonzales4

1Sencio BV, Netherlands, The; 2Thales Alenia Space, France; 3UMS, France; 4IMEC, Belgium; 5Ikor Technology Centre, Spain




NordPac conference dinner. Seurahuone, Oulu down town


Thursday June 14th, 2018



Session T1 Manufacturing Room Auditorium

Registration: 8:00-12:00

9:00 – 9:25

Component Packages for IMSE (Injection Molded Structural Electronics)

Outi Rusanen, Tomi Simula, Paavo Niskala, Mikko Heikkinen

TactoTek, Finland

9:25 – 9:50

Solutions for thin and tiny dies with high die strength and for thinning WLCSP and eWLB wafers

Christoph Epple

Disco Hi Tec Europe Gmbh, Germany

9:50 – 10:15

The impact of conformal coatings on the environmental protection of PCB assemblies and the reliability of solder joints

Dag Andersson, Per-Erik Tegehall and Göran Wetter

Sverea, Sweden

10:20 – 10:50

IMAPS Nordic Annual General Meeting (open for all participants)

10:50 – 11:15

Coffee & tea break / Exhibition


Session T2A Ceramics

Room Auditorium

Session T2B Corrosion, humidity

Room Seminar room

11:15 –11:40

Current Situation with Ultra-Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (ULTCC)

Jobin Varghese, Mei-Yu Chen, Nina Joseph, Maciej sobocinski, Heli Jantunen

Oulu University, Finland


Feng Li1, Vadimas Verdingovas1, Kai Dirscherl2, Bálint Medgyes3, Rajan Ambat1

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; 2Danish National Metrology Institute; 3Department of Electronics Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

11:40 – 12:05

Overload-proof LTCC differential pressure sensors for high temperature applications

Adrian Goldberg, Birgit Manhica, Steffen Ziesche, Uwe Partsch

Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany

Water film formation on the PCBA surface and failure occurrence in electronics

Kamila Piotrowska, Morten Stendahl Jellesen, Rajan Ambat

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

12:05 – 12:30

LTCC Resistors – The Influence of Production Conditions on the Absolute Value and its Reproducibility.

Peter Uhlig1, Alexandra Serwa1, Jens Müller2, Dieter Schwanke3, Nam Gutzeit2, Jürgen Pohlner3

1IMST GmbH, Germany; 2Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany; 3Micro Systems Engineering GmbH, Germany

Humidity effects on conformal coated electronics for harsh environments

Morten Stendahl Jellesen, Vadimas Verdingovas, Feng Li, Rajan Ambat

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

12:30 – 13:30

Lunch & Exhibition


Session T3 Advanced Packaging Room Auditorium

13:30 – 13:55



13:55 – 14:20

Multifunctional MMICs - key enabler for future AESA panel arrays

Martin Oppermann, Ralf Rieger

HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH Germany

Wafer-level Re-Packaging of Commercial Components for Miniaturization and Embedding

Jens Mueller, Markus Hülsmann, Nam Gutzeit, Michael Fischer

Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany

14:20 – 14:45

A Printed Electroluminescent Matrix Display: Implementation Details and Technical Solutions

Artem Ivanov

University of Applied Sciences Landshut, Germany

14:45 – 15:10

Reliability study on high thermally conductive graphene film as heat spreader in electronic applications



15:10 – 15:30