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 Petri Savolainen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , is with Huawei Technologies (Finland) in Helsinki. After receiveing his M.Sc. in materials science he lead research project on Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives at Helsinki University of Tehcnology (now part of Aalto University). Completing the project with Dr.Tech. degree he joined Nokia Research Center working with IC packaging and high-density PWBs. The work continued for two years in Tokyo at Nokia Japan. Before joining MeeGo Computers display and touch team as project manager for technology and research, he lead display supplier verification project. After Nokia he joined DfR Solutions as a senior member of technical staff working on Design for Reliability projects and supplier assessments for customers. At Huawei Technologies, his responsibilities include display supplier verification and testing development, LCD reliability and quality .
Vice President:
  Søren Nørlyng, Vice President, has been on the IMAPS Nordic board since 1983. During 1983-91 as secretary and 1991-96 as president. From 1995-97 he is the Chairman of IMAPS Europe and has since 1991 served as the representative of IMAPS Nordic in the ELC (European Liaison Committee). Søren was appointed "Fellow of the Society" of IMAPS US in 1996 and he is now also a Senior member of IMAPS. His company MICRONSULT offers consultative services within microelectronics and does also represent products and technologies for the development and production of passive and active components and microelectronics. Special focus is on materials for miniaturisation and power modules

Terho Kutilainen has served as Treasurer of IMAPS Nordic from the beginning of 1997. Treasurer's main responsibility consists of accounting and any financial matters of the society. 

He holds a MSc EE degree from Oulu University and an eMBA degree from Oulu Business School. He works currently with business and technology development related tasks at Poltronic Ltd as a share holder. He has held managerial and specialist positions in R&D, sales and business administration at Aspocomp Plc, mainly in the field of ceramic micro modules. 2001 he was Manager of Packaging and Interconnection section in Business Development and Research group of Aspocomp. Work of the group led to founding of Asperation Oy, a joint venture of Aspocomp Plc and Perlos Plc, integrating and enhancing printed circuit board technology and covers of mobile phones. He was Development Director at Aspocomp Technology Oy, then VP Business Development and VP Technology at Selmic Oy, and Management Team Member at Ele-Products Oy. 2007-2015 he was one of the owners and CEO of Aspact Oy that continued one of the programs started at Asperation. He has been networked in organizations such as IMAPS, CII, iNEMI and served as advisory board member in Centre of Micro and Nanotechnologies, University of Oulu, 2006-2008.  

   Paul Collander, Secretary, has been a member of IMAPS Nordic since 1974 when he started in the microelectronics world and a Board member since 1986. For 30 years he has been with Nokia, starting with setting up the first hybrid production line and when Nokia sold out all PCB and hybrid manufacturing lines he was more involved in searching new manufacturing technologies and to work on the advanced technology supply chain. November 2003 he set up his own consulting and networking business, Poltronic. In the Board his role is among other things being contact point to the IMAPS European Liaison Committee.

 Board members: 

Daniel Nilsen Wright, PhD

SINTEF ICT Instrumentation Dept.

Forskningsveien 1

NO - 0373 Oslo, Norway

Tel: +4793441038

 Anders E. Petersen

Oticon A/S

Kongebakken 9,

DK-2765 Smørum, Denmark      

Tel: +45 3913 8227

 Kenneth Dahlberg

Kungsbrostrand 25

SE-11226 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 70 5201278