Complementary short courses at Nordpac 2024


We proudly offer complemetary short courses at NordPac 2024. These will be free of charge for all participants that have registered for the full conference.


Semiconductor packaging using structured glass panels as platform

Dr. Martin Letz

Senior principal scientist, SCHOTT AG


Martin Letz works with SCHOTT, a special glass company, as a senior principal scientist in the central R&D. He joined SCHOTT in 2001 and was involved in several projects regarding materials for semiconductor structuring. Since several years he focusses on glasses and glass ceramics for electronic applications and their properties. One focus is on materials for antenna and filter structures for wireless data transfer. A second focus is on miniaturization of high frequency electronics. Prior to that he received his PhD in solid state physics from the University of Stuttgart in Germany and had several positions in research institutions and Universities (Tartu University (Estonia), Max-Plack Institut (Stuttgart, Germany), Queens University
(Kingston, Canada), University of Mainz (Germany)) working on different aspects of strong correlations in condensed matter.


  • More short courses are to be confirmed.