Keynotes at NordPac 2022

We have the pleasure of presenting the following keynotes at NordPac 2022.

Åsmund Sandvand

Title: Sensor packaging and stability

Åsmund Sandvand, Ph.D., Safran Sensing Technologies

Synopsis: For many sensor designs, choosing the right sensor packaging approach is key for a successful and stable end-product. The presentation will elaborate on the sensor packaging and its influence on stability for selected sensor designs.

Bio: Åsmund Sandvand received the Cand. Scient degree in physics from University of Bergen, Norway in 1991, and the Ph.D. in applied micro- and nanosystems at the University of South-Eastern Norway in 2017.

He has a broad experience within research and development both for commercial products as well as specialized products for the demanding aviation and medical market segments. He is now working with product development of inertial sensing products at Safran Sensing Technologies Norway AS

Title: Electronics Industry Growth Markets: Package Choices, Challenges, and Trends

E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International, Inc.

Bio: E. Jan Vardaman is president and founder of TechSearch International, Inc., which has provided market research and technology trend analysis in semiconductor packaging since 1987. She is the author of numerous publications on emerging trends in semiconductor packaging and assembly.

Title: Pill Microsystems for Diagnostics and Therapy

Dr. Ing. Andreas Ostmann, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany

Synopsis: In this presentation, the development process of various electronic pill systems for gastroscopy, small bowel examination and medication dosing will be presented. The embedding of components in Printed Circuit Board structures was used as a key technology to achieve the required miniaturization and 3D integration. The manufacturing process of the pill systems will be explained in detail. Finally, an outlook to future applications is given.

Bio: Andreas is head of the department System Integration and Interconnect Technologies at Fraunhofer IZM. His research group has 30 members and is involved in the developed of large-area processes for chip embedding, System-in-Package and advanced substrates. Andreas is an author of a large number of publications and holds several patents on advanced packaging technologies. His research group has 30 members and is involved in the developed of large-area processes for chip embedding, System-in-Package and advanced substrates.

Title: Advanced Capacitor Technologies

Prof. Thomas Ebel, University of Southern Denmark

Synopsis: Capacitors are one of the fundamental components in electronics. Nowadays the increasing power density and the new used power semiconductor devices based on SiC or GaN are requiring new capacitors and designs.
This keynote will introduction into advanced capacitor technologies like Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, including wet, polymer and hybrid electrolytes, Metallized Film Capacitors, including Power Capacitors and
Ceramic capacitors. A focus will be on innovative materials, designs and their impact to the application out of the field of renewables and automotive.

Bio: Professor Ebel is the head of section at the Technical Faculty at the University of Southern Denmark.

Title: Cross connect competence HUB and other activities at Swedish strategic innovation program – Smarter Electronic Systems

Dr. Thorbjörn ”TOBY” Ebefors, Acting program manager at Smartare elektroniksystem (Strategiskt Innovationsprogram

Synopsis: Activities at Smarter Electronic systems and examples from competence HUB cross-connect (byggsätt). Project examples of electronic systems of the future that are characterized by a high degree of integration and the use of innovative manufacturing methods and construction methods such as 3D interconnect, System-on-Chip, Network-on-Chip and printed electronics.

Bio: Dr. Ebefors is acting program manager for Swedish Innovation program Smarter Electronic systems which has been facilitating innovation in the ECS industry since 2014. He has 25+ years industry background in the semiconductor, electronics and open innovation fields. He is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Silex, Myvox and YbotX. He is currently CEO of YbotX AB.