NordPac offers a combination of interesting keynotes and technical sessions with the latest news in the field and an interactive exhibition. The exhibition enables direct onsite interaction between participants. Being a sponsor brings the images of company and its products/services more visible to customers and participants. The welcoming reception, coffee breaks and the conference dinner are great platforms for networking with your academic and industry colleagues. We have received positive feedback on creating open and warm atmosphere in our events.

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For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Exhibitor Chair Markku Lahti or Co-Chair Hoang-Vu Nguyen at info@nordpac.org


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PacTech-Packaging Technologies GmbH, established 1995 and a group company of NAGASE & CO., LTD., manufactures equipment for the microelectronic & advanced packaging industry and offers wafer level bumping & packaging contract manufacturing out of Nauen, Germany (HQ), and through the 100% subsidiaries PacTech USA Inc., Silicon Valley, USA and PacTech ASIA Sdn., Bhd., Penang, Malaysia.

The equipment product line consists of solder jetting equipment (SB2-Jet), wafer-level solder ball transfer systems (Ultra-SB2), wafer-level solder rework equipment (Ultra-SB2 300 WLR), laser assisted (LAB, LCB, LAR) flip-chip bonders (Laplace) and automatic wet chemical lines for high volume electroless NiAu & NiPdAu bumping (PacLine 300 A50).

Those unique and highly innovative manufacturing systems are providing solutions for today’s tasks and challenges in advanced packaging applications.

The wafer level packaging & bumping subcontractor services consist of electroless Ni/Au, Ni/Pd and Ni/Pd/Au Under Bump Metallization (UBM) for either wafer level solder bumping for Flip Chip or WLCSP or for wire bonding. Additionally, PacTech offers AOI, X-Ray, SEM, BCB Repassivation, wafer-level redistribution, wafer backside metallization, wafer thinning, laser backside marking, wafer dicing, chip singulation, tape & reel services.





Eurofins MASER is an independent engineering service company. Since 1993 we have offered Reliability Test and Failure Analysis Services to the semiconductor and electronic systems industry.

Whether your company is active as Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturer, IC Design House, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we can support you with your daily Reliability Test or Failure Analysis challenges.

We look forward to supporting you!



Finetech, founded in 1992, is a leading global supplier of micro assembly and SMD rework equipment. Their sub-micron die bonders use advanced bonding technologies for precise and complex applications in the development and manufacturing of for opto- and microelectronic components.

Finetech offers a “Prototype-to-Production” approach, considering automation steps early to ensure smooth process transfer from R&D to production, making their equipment ideal for flexible and cost-efficient product development.

Finetech partners closely with customers in various industries, including Datacom, Telecom, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Technologies, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Energy, and research facilities. With subsidiaries on three continents and a global network of representatives, Finetech provides quick response times, fast on-site service, and personal consultation.



Inseto is a trusted provider of cutting-edge solutions for research, industry, and manufacturing. With a focus on microelectronics, semiconductor, and related fields, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Our commitment to excellence, technical expertise, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Whether you need high-performance adhesives, precision equipment, or materials for assembly, Inseto is here to support your success.

At Inseto, we understand the critical role packaging plays in ensuring the integrity and reliability of microelectronic devices. Our state-of-the-art packaging equipment is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern manufacturing processes. Here are some highlights:

  • Die Bonders: Our die bonders provide precise placement of semiconductor chips onto substrates. Whether you’re working with wire bonding, flip-chip, or other advanced techniques, our die bonders offer exceptional accuracy and repeatability.
  • Wire Bonders: Inseto offers wire bonding solutions for both wedge bonding and ball bonding. These machines create robust electrical connections between semiconductor components and lead frames or substrates.
  • Dispensing Systems: Our dispensing systems handle adhesive, encapsulant, and underfill materials. They ensure uniform coverage, minimize voids, and enhance overall reliability.
  • Reflow Ovens: Our standalone IR vacuum reflow ovens are ideal for R&D, low-volume pilot lines, and medium-volume batch production.

Remember, all our packaging equipment is backed by expert technical support and training.



At Microcertec, we are specialized in the fabrication of customized 3D advanced ceramic- and technical glass-based devices and micro-structured components for high-tech applications in harsh environments, including defense, aerospace, submarine, cryogenics, and medical instrument industries.

Using a variety of high-end fabrication processes, we achieve micrometric resolutions in the production of our products. Particularly, our unique fabrication technology of 3D interconnect devices, CI3D, enables high-density and intricate packaging of microelectronic, optoelectronic, and photonic devices within highly reliable structures. Offering unparalleled flexibility in design, this technology serves as an innovation facilitator for the realization of high-performance and high-demand systems utilized in nanosatellites, quantum devices, MEMS, lasers, PICs, and surgical robots.



We provide the most advanced, high-precision 3D printers and grayscale lithography systems with application-specific solutions. As the leading innovator and market leader in additive manufacturing, we provide application-specific solutions at the nano-, micro-, meso- and macro-scale. Our patented technology empowers cutting-edge science and drives industrial innovations in various sectors, including microoptics, micromechanics, biomedical engineering, and photonics technologies.


Optim Wafer Services offer, high quality bespoke wafer & substrate processing services such as thin & polish, Grinding, Taiko, Polishing, CMP, Edge trimming, Chamfering, Rounding, Re-sizing, Dicing, DBG & Cleaning of wafers substrates and materials of various sizes and shapes.


ROARTIS develops adhesives, coatings, resins and sinter materials for (micro-) electronic and industrial applications. Our IQ-BOND, IQ-CAST, IQ-INQ and IQ-SINTER brands stand for innovative, high quality materials, typically used in demanding, high reliability markets.

With state of the art laboratories and manufacturing in Belgium, Roartis has historically optimized their manufacturing facilities to respond to offer high mix, low to medium volume applications.



SET is a world leading supplier of high accuracy Flip-Chip Bonders and Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) solutions.

Since 1975, we have been designing and manufacturing semiconductor equipment dedicated to high precision applications.
We accompany laboratories and industries in the assembly of their components.

With bonders installed worldwide, SET is renowned for the unsurpassed sub-micron accuracy and the flexibility of its equipment.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. is a visionary non-profit, state-owned and independent research organization. We are a partner for utilization and commercialization of research and technology. Our customers get access to unique expertise and new international business opportunities.