Title: From Reliability of Mobile Phone Packages to Advanced Solutions for Telecom Base Stations and Renewable Energy


Dr. Olli Salmela

Reliability Engineering Manager at Nokia Bell Labs

Adjunct Professor at Aalto University and University of Oulu, Finland


In his keynote speech, Dr. Olli Salmela will cover a wide range of topics that he has studied during his career both at university and industry. Starting from conformal coating materials made of inherently conductive polymers and closing to his current areas of interest related to technologies that enable sustainability improvements at electronics industry.

During his career, Dr. Salmela has supported both mobile phone and telecom infrastructure products. Early in his career, he studied the reliability of MCM-L technology that was used in the world’s first smart phone, Nokia Communicator. MCM-L proved to be rugged technology that enabled significantly higher packaging density. While working at Nokia Telecommunications, MCM-C technology was taken into use for critical RF components. MCM-C could embed high-Q passive components in the substrate. MCM-C technology was productized in early WCDMA radio products.

Due to RoHS directive, Nokia proactively started using lead-free solder materials, although at the time telecom infrastructure was still exempted from the regulation. In the studies Dr. Salmela performed, it was proven that lead-free solder materials can safely be used even in case of telecom products, where long lifetime is expected. The fatigue models Dr. Salmela created are still in active use both in the industry and in the academia.

In the end of his speech, Dr. Salmela will cover Liquid Cooling and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technologies that his team has created and that are currently commercially available. Liquid Cooling can reduce the base station’s CO2 footprint by 80% and VPP is an enabling technology for wider use of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

Title: The European Chips Act: Opportunities and Challenges


Ralph W. Bernstein (PhD)

Senior Business Developer, SINTEF Digital, Norway

Dr. Ralph W. Bernstein is Senior Business Developer at SINTEF Digital, and has more than twenty years of management experience, including technology companies, commercialization, startups, research, and academia.

  • CEO of Kjeller Innovasjon AS, Head of Department at OsloMet, CTO of Listen AS, Special Advisor at the Research Council of Norway
  • Almost 9 years as Executive Manager in the listed fingerprint technology company IDEX ASA.
  • More than 15 years as Research Director and Senior Scientist at SINTEF ICT.
  • Adjunct Professor in Microsystem Technology at NTNU since 2006.

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